People who have used this meditation say:


"Here I was, an average 43-year old homemaker, raising 2 small kids, doing normal things, when I got the diagnosis of breast cancer. I went to Patricia Kay, a homeopath, and she suggested we work with Cell Level Meditation. After trying meditation for years and never getting anywhere, I was doubtful. But, I got into this meditation the first time I tried. Soon, I was able to visualize my cells and communicate with them! Not once, but twice, I have been able to rid myself of cancer beyond all my doctors' expectations. They didn't think I'd live! I've been free of cancer for over 10 years now. Oh! Once, I removed some cataracts. When I went in to my appointment to have them removed, they were nowhere to be found. I was meditationally challenged, but Cell Level Meditation came easily to me and has obviously worked to help me get and stay healthy."


Debbie Hansen, Elma, WA

"When I was 19, I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Instead of dwelling in the uncertainty of the disease I had the privilege of working with Dr. Barry Grundland. I was so fearful of the western medicine cancer prognosis. Barry, with his immense knowledge of the Western, Eastern and New Age medicine, helped weave together the medicine worlds that helped me turn my fear into a temple of hope and understanding. The meditation and breath work is an inward journey, all the way to the depths of the cell. The work aspires to create a dialogue with the healthy and diseased cells. In Barry's calm tone, he'd tell me, "the healing is within the disease." Today, I am a yoga instructor, artist and actor. And, I am 10 years clean of the cancer cell."


Io Bottoms, Los Angeles, CA

"A couple of years ago, I fell and thought I had broken my ankle. The pain was horrible, but I just breathed, held my hands around the injury and thought of Arnica and the spirit of healing, and within a few minutes the pain had diminished. Then I was guided to look up and take in the space around me. I was in the greenbelt and looked up and felt the reverence for nature as I've rarely felt it. Then I was directed to return my attention to the ankle and back and forth a few times. Then I was directed to walk home WITHOUT Limping. I got up tentatively and found I could put pressure on the foot. There was very little swelling and no other evidence of what I think was at the least a very bad sprain, if not a break. It was truly amazing. I wouldn't have known to do that if you hadn't shared your book with me and your story of your own injury healing."


Pamela Overeynder, Austin, TX

"My way of perceiving is a practice of directing awareness into the body and listening with the heart. Listening with intention, resting awareness in unknown, with receptivity and gratitude for what arises. Let me try giving a name to this felt inner territory. For me it feels like I am entering the heart channel that has a center as well as a vertical alignment. From here I explore expansion. The doorway into the cells comes from a common center point. Symbolically the earth, body, cell, atom and so on all have a center point in common. From resting in center, I breathe and enter into another state. Inviting the cell into communication takes on a unique quality of listening. The beautiful thing is that the cells have something to say! My life is changing because I am listening!"


Barbara Coon, Seattle, WA